Case Study #1: GVBC

Staff May 24, 2023 Case Study

The Client: A Business Consulting Firm

GVBC is a boutique consulting firm which specializes in assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in entering new international markets. This work hinges on the consultants’ ability to identify new vendors or distributors in target markets, create market analyses, support merger and acquisition operations in target markets, and propose the most lucrative opportunities for growth for their clients.

The Challenge: Low-yield Searches & Time-intensive Processes

Before using Expandigo, the GVBC team spent countless hours researching potential targets, using numerous platforms to cross-reference information, and making calls to identify the correct contact person. Search results were often outdated or irrelevant, leading to a time-intensive process for a small number of quality matches. GVBC was also facing another issue: communication among team members working on a project together. Like many SMEs, GVBC didn’t use a CRM or project management software. So updates were shared only via emails, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

The Solution: Expandigo’s Research and CRM Tool

GVBC came to Expandigo looking for a solution that would allow them to perform granular searches to obtain, in a matter of seconds, the relevant information and the quality contacts they needed.

The search platform is very intuitive and anyone within the organization can use it without needing training. The autocomplete feature helps a lot and we are able to perform very specific searches by company, industry, job description and geographical market. Expandigo's large data set has helped us connect with companies we didn't know existed.

Saving time on research has allowed the GVBC team to spend more time connecting with prospects and bringing the project to fruition. The company’s productivity and revenue have increased dramatically.

Expandigo's autocomplete feature
Expandigo's autocomplete feature.

GVBC was also looking for a cost-efficient CRM that could help team members on a specific project to manage and share all search and connection activity with potential contacts. Expandigo’s light CRM provides the ability to quickly add and share information.

Like many small businesses, we didn't have a CRM because most of the solutions we looked at had too many features we didn't need. The light CRM that Expandigo offers is just what we needed.

Expandigo's search console
Expandigo's search console.

GVBC’s team members, old and new, have access to the same information and can monitor one another’s progress. This has enhanced collaboration and efficiency throughout the consulting process.